VTC still didnt see leg 5

BITTREX:VTCBTC   Vertcoin / Bitcoin
679 11
Maybe this EW count abit off because wave 4 is at wave 1 top, but in a low market cap coins sometimes you can see this, i still think this coin is super undervalued compared to some others ( DOGE ROFL).
評論: trade will be active if we wont break blue line support! Wait for more safe entry
評論: this triangle can perform better on daily chart, always compare timeframes
評論: I hope bitcoin wont be dead, but it will happen if china/korea will spread some more FUD, bad news are not happen randomly, ask yourself why they didnt come out with "mining nan" when bitcoin was on 13k.
評論: bald statement, but VTC will x20, this year, if any1 intrested i can make longterm chart
評論: movement inc
評論: EW idia canceled, we are in cup and handle, look my other chart ,thanks
I would be interested in a long term chart
Pyrex1lol Simon111
@Simon111, watch my profile, already go one
The blue line Hold well
Is it happening?
@soheild, i hope so
What if we break it and bounced back?
@soheild, i wanna see the start of momentum on btc atleast
Lets see if btc shuts it down or not. Been in this coin since Christmas. It's been a pain in my side
Pyrex1lol jamyjamjr
@jamyjamjr, thik about this in this way, LTC was at 4$ range for year before 2017.
jamyjamjr Pyrex1lol
@Pyrex1lol, well said... this just wasn't supposed to be a long hodl for me.. it was meant to be quicker profits
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