VTC gonna go HIGH

POLONIEX:VTCBTC   Vertcoin / Bitcoin
I think VTC will go high tomorrow or latest by the weekend
Entry Point will be good if it breaks resistance at 34843 then it will act as support level
if it breaks 35000 we can probably go to 39000 and then if it breaks major resistance we can go Moon

Entry point :- 34900
Stop Loss :- 34000

TP 1: 36000
TP2 : 39000

Important if it breaks the Trend line then please move out as it might go down

Best of Luck

NOTE: - this is just a trading advise trade at your own risk

評論: Wait for the candle to finish above 34900 on hourly and for th next candle to hold to make an entry
評論: TP 1 and 2 Reached enjoy the profit
交易結束:目標達成: TP 1 and 2 Reached enjoy the profit
Too much risk for 11%, Isnt it? DCR or MAID would be much easier (much stronger) at this point for 22%
Owcheew8 aakashbit
@aakashbit, VTC will do 2-3x not 11%
aakashbit Owcheew8
@Owcheew8, Oopss, My Bad I was reading it incorrectly, So better is to invest at 0.00039380 ? (if I don't wanna play a risky game)?
Owcheew8 aakashbit
@aakashbit, It does not matter where to enter here IMO. It is going 100k+ satoshi over next 3 months anyway.
aakashbit Owcheew8
@Owcheew8, So would XRP DGB XEM FCT or SC, but I understood you. I must put in some fresh money here rather than moving from the ones I already have. Thanks for the tip, I now see a new door. Much appreciated.
Owcheew8 aakashbit
@aakashbit, I can agree about XRP but no so much about the rest of the gang :) Good luck though.
aakashbit Owcheew8
@Owcheew8, looks like it is reaching the entry point. I am liking it. This is interesting. Iam following this.
moneymunshi aakashbit
@aakashbit, Hope you guys enjoyed the profit
aakashbit moneymunshi
@moneymunshi, I got in late, but i liked the Idea. When is the next higher boom predicted??
moneymunshi aakashbit
@aakashbit, If it breaks 39200 it will go Higher to 45000 and if it fails it will go down
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