WAVESBTC Huge profit pottentilal 2x 3x 5x Look at it brothers!

BITTREX:WAVESBTC   Waves / Bitcoin
Hello Traders!
As in the title Im looking at WAVESBTC 1d chart. We have just broken downtrend with nice green candle.
Possible cup and handle pattern forming, it will open way to bigger gains. RSI on weekly chart is much oversold and
starting to head up, daily its closing to overbought, it means we will have a pullback to reset it probably.
00055-00057 its our buyzone after pullback. Watch indicators, when RSI will drop to 30 its a buy.
Targets are dotted green lines and moon. Its a long trade setup, as you can see there is a lot of space to grow for
that coin, you have to change chart to 1W to see full potential. ATH place is about 0026. I will give you updates on time.
Just be patient at that call it will pay you good money.

Trade safe! BTC tips for good job are always welcome :-)
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