WAVESBTC 14% +20% +30% +

BINANCE:WAVESBTC   Waves / Bitcoin
WAVESBTC 14% +20% +30% +
Waves came out of the downward wedge , trying to gain a foothold above 0.236 FIBO.
In the case of a rollback down, you can buy positions closer to 5200 satosh!
In any case, when entering the market, I advise you to have a clear trade plan that will save your capital and help it increase.
And as always, I advise you to remember about profit taking. After all, only the profit that you recorded can be called a true profit, the rest is only a mirage!
Good luck and good trading!
交易進行: Congratulations.
Against the background of positive news, the price very quickly overcame all our main goals and even touched on the additional goal of 9000 satosh. Those who managed to fix part of the profits at this price - were able to get about 60% of the profits.
After that, the price was adjusted to 6,900 Satoshi and slowly continued its growth, pleasing those who did not have time to fix the income during the first growth.

Further goals will be able to exceed those we set at the beginning, for more precise limits we need to conduct additional analysis.

All good luck and good trade.
交易進行: Congratulations, we reached all our main goals and even managed to reach our additional goal. It's fine.
Now the correction, but maybe we can get a new entry point,
see the update and draw your conclusions.

Good luck and good trading.
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