WAVES ready for next moves up!

BITTREX:WAVESBTC   Waves / Bitcoin
WAVES has seen a great move upwards within its downward channel last few days. The move was a very healthy, steady move without a big pump/dump.
This was after they announced their partnership with Deloitte to regulate ICOs. Regulation will become the key towards successful projects. So this is fundamentally a great and unique feat. I believe there is much more fundamental news to come this month.

Technically WAVES broke out of its long term downchannel . The RSI crossed the trendline as well. The MACD has also crossed and is green at this point. We are close to being overbought, so price might move a bit sideways along the trendline coming days before we see a continuation of the upwards move. The volume has increased tremendously last few weeks, so any good news might ignite a nice spike upwards.

First two targets are on the chart.
評論: WAVES is crawling along the major yellow trendline as expected. But it is moving in a bullish pennant and the (stoch)RSI has cooled down, so there is room again to go up.

評論: Waves retraced to within the longterm channel, but broke out again.

Looking for a first target in the blue box, after which it might retest the trendline again in a sharp correction before fully going up. Still lots of news coming for waves.
評論: Looking back at this idea. The first target was reached a while go already. Retraced back to the trendline and seems to be moving for a next leg up.
I bought at $3,80 two weeks ago. That was a good buy. Tonight there's a big gathering in Amsterdam. New announcements will follow this evening. It is still a god time to buy....
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