Silver XAGUSD Weekly Buy Signal from "Time@Mode" Method

FX:XAGUSD   白銀 / 美元
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Silver is giving us a signal for a trade setup here this week.

The signal is from the fact that silver consolidated around the $19.25 level for 9 weeks (start counting on the week it hit its high) and then accelerated down from that mode at $19.25 and has now FALLEN FOR 9 WEEKS (as of last Friday). That means that the 9-weeks of distribution that happened up top there have been confirmed with 9 weeks of additional downside movement.

The signal is also from the point that Silver didn't drop as much as it should have. How do I label that? By looking at the price range of trading around the range expansion decline (marked by a the first yellow triangle) and note it should have fallen by another equal amount within 3 weeks, but it didn't make it. Therefore the market is "out of time" and "holding relatively strong".

Upside target is for a move back to the mode at $19.25 within 9 weeks.

Use all of the techniques to add to this position over time as the market confirms that it is indeed in an rebounding uptrend.


Tim 1:43AM EST 12/7/2016

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Nice job, congratulations and thank u!!!
Thanx for the update. Are you able to update the yearly forecast? Or is it in accordance to this, long?
@2use, Good question. I'll have to go and do that update. Have you seen the long term silver chart forecast from my youtube video a year or two ago? Google "Tim West TradingView Silver"
2use timwest
@timwest, Yes, but i would really love more videos to be posted, you haven't done much of them for the public, have you?
Thanks Tim. Why a 9 week period though? What is the significance of that number or how do you work out to use 9 weeks? I can't see where that come from. Cheers
timwest BuySellBuySell
@BuySellBuySell, What I do is find the most amount of time at one price. In this case, silver makes consolidations where there are 9-weeks-at-one-price. You can count the number of weekly boxes at that price. That is how I count the time for the ensuing rally or decline. What I look for is a time frame where there are 10 units of time at one price to detect what time frame the market is operating on.
@timwest, Very interesting Tim. Many thanks. Keep up the good work.
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