Clank Clank Clank

FX_IDC:XAGUSD   白銀 / 美元
109 3
評論: I am trying to get on a huge risky position in XAG. If you want to try and do the same with me I would suggest taking profit on the longs right now as I am watching for another short move down over the next 24 hours.
評論: Get long now folks. Forget what I said earlier.
評論: I still believe we are good at this level and I am still long from Thursday. I had one opportunity on Friday morning to close out at break even , which in hindsight, I should've done. There is a possibility we take one more leg down to 16.3 area, but we will go higher and fully realize the breakout in gold & silver soon.

評論: Break of this line is bad, dollar index just broke out. We can look for a blow off top in the gold silver ratio now. Between current price and 15.98 there are 4 major supports.
評論: These things happen so fast.. Going all in from the test of trend.
評論: Fuck!

Lets try this again!
評論: If you accumulated in this suggested area, fucking congrats! This trade finally worked out and has legs to move higher!
We seem to have similar thoughts all around. I too am looking for a big buy on it and as it stands now also hoping for another move lower before that big move. Good luck to us!
thesilverbullet SharkbaitAl
@SharkbaitAl, If you can buy below 16.5 that is a super nice trade right now. I think we are going to pop from this level though. Maybe test another $4 down in gold or 5 cents in silver.
thesilverbullet thesilverbullet
@thesilverbullet, speak of the devil...BUY!!!
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