September Friday Aftermath: Trends, Fibs, Counts

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The events on Friday afternoon changed some structures a bit. Or drastically, depending on your chosen instruments. Moar to come? Lets see....

Trends, Fibs, and Counts

This chart contains a trendline , a fib, and a wave count at the standard timescales. Colors are defined following practice. Fibs and counts have visibility set to eliminate noise on higher timescales. Fibs have locks set.

(Wait, do not copy this. First check the comments below to see if there is a newer version. This will be improved.)

How to Get It
Click the Share icon in the lower right corner, and then click "Make It Mine". After you made the copy, do “Rename...” (at the upper right, in the menu under the triangle). Give it a name, then use this as your base chart for charting the various pairs.

Then save each drawing element as a template:
  • Select an element.
  • Pull down the "Template" menu in the floating palette that appears and choose "Save Drawing Template As...".
  • Fill in a name. If you start the name with a number (like "01 Trend 15m magenta") then you can easily order your templates in the Template menu.
  • Click "Ok".
You should do this for each Trend, Fib, and Count, at each of the standard timescales (15m, 1h, 4h, D, W, M). Later you can easily modify your templates.

Change List
  • Added 0.886 Fib line to all Fibs (not activated)
  • Added -2.618 Fib line to all Fibs
  • Reordered the Fib settings to integrate the new Fibs
  • Changed visibility of all Daily elements to 6 days, 1 less than a week
  • Added configured yellow measurement arrow

Watch for updates. When these templates have been modified, a successor chart will be published. It'll be linked below in the updates and you should use that one.
Many thanks for teaching and sharing
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