short at 1282 for target 1270 2-4 days trade

OANDA:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
i short gold at 1282 for target 1270
why because he have no reason to go up like that when i see usdpy up too and stock marjet not is ok
he is also overbought and even if market start to down in risk off he will need consolidate
For my view is just investor secure them wallet during holidays in case of something happens,but we are not in risk off as i see the indicator like vix ,yen,stock and co

short at 1282

target 1270

gain 1200pts

2x 1 lot when first lot reach half target i will cut with 600pts profit and i will let the second lot with a SL at + 200 pts for securise my gain aénd be safe
評論: i enter a bit early i know that better to wait 1285 but i think all will be ok i add 1 lot now but i have big balance..for people who trade with small money ,no add any lot
評論: i tnot think i enter early on this postion,i think is because the fall in Bitcoin make more people back on gold that we not seen for some month..coz as we see we are not in risk off and gold up even in same time than stock or what i do i have add 1 short every 5$ up..and also during this tile i scalp all day long the small move like 0.33+0.45+0.60+0.22+0.34+.xx+xx and at the end even he still at 1295 abd my short was 1282 i am in gain..and when he will down i will be more in Gain.
In Fact i am sclaper so is hadr for e to make some swing idea here..coz i post idea with my trading way..but ok i have more idea who was win than lost is already a good point.. (also market was in cheat mode more and more and i think 2018 will be more like that as more more beginner open account with 500$ or 100$ then the market do overbought or oversold much in all way all the time,i not seen that before like is really start since 2016..anyway is start to be more psychological market than technical market)
評論: i made many small scalp of 1.5-2.5$ for get back some loss..and i adding i short at 1307...this short i will close at 1298 and will keep my original position
what is your opinion. USD has been oversold unnecessarily
corsicasia AdeOluseun
@AdeOluseun, i shorten so early in fact,it can was a good short but gold get power not because of the dollars only bit because of the bitcoin fall and fear so it make people back on gold thing that we not seen much since bitcoin today around 1290-93 yes was perfect for a swing short like let him down ,because i see he should down,is just thge fear of end of years + bitcoin but as you see many time the dollar is weaker but goal not up like that and in more we was not in risk off at the equities still near all time high so i think and read and talk with many people the reason is the bitcoin fall for before we seen less interest for gold since bitcoin surge as rocket..
i think we can short from 1289.22
corsicasia AdeOluseun
@AdeOluseun, anyway me i have big balance is not n exemple of trading what i do on gold...but until make a SL ,i add 1 short every 5$ up nd i wait that he back after even i sold at 1282 and now 1292 i have 3 short
1282 1287 1292.5....and i just close the last at 1288 when he make a 5$ down in a second few hours ago so i get back 5$ in move for now now just 2 short ..but if he go back up around 1298 nefore i close my second postion who is at 1287 do i will add again 1 third..and do it do it like i do with all my trade 1 swing..and when it up i made many small scalp for waiting the real pullback,it make make almost all my gain even it still at 1292..then fater when he down..i am in full gain !+ my scalp gain
I'm seeing a short aswell
corsicasia reynaertj13
@reynaertj13, and i think you are right,even he can up 2-5$ more as a jerk knee,he will little by little go down back as people are not much interrested by gold,they just protec themself during holidays ans Btc fails much last week so they back on gold..but i not see any risk off and even it happens..he is overbought upside i think

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