Short Setup

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
XAUUSD targets 1290
評論: To be continued week :)
評論: I think Gold is about to finish wave (x).
評論: Breakout again after a pullback.
評論: So far so good. Gold is wave Y.
評論: It seems now that wave X has just finished and Gold might go for lower prices.
交易結束:目標達成: Way beyond target.
I am expecting a bounce in Gold & Silver over the next week or two however there is a bearish Flag pattern that could send us down to $15.60-70 level is successful! Something to keep in mind and help us manage our trades!
Well done on this one :)
well done! Bravo!
I wasnt agree but you've been right
Bandarsq Krasen
Thanks. Yea it went well :)
Nice chart im watching X at the moment, looking for 1350
thanks for shared.... it is new elliot? blessings
scary.. but possible
Excellent analysis as always, thank you!
Thank you.
Folks, it is ill-advised to short an adolescent Bull especially one that just printed a 'daily cycle low' end of last month. We are on our way up to $1400 this month and possibly up to $1500 in September.
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