Daily Gartley at $1235

OANDA:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
2021 19
Setup for Bullish Gartley at $1235.

Closed this idea :
Closed long at $1274.

Short $1274 TP $1235

Next step could be a bearish shark at $1350 after Gartley completion.
評論: Adding short 1282.
SL Above 1284.
評論: After took some profit on 74. Initial short SL hitted at BE.
Shorted again at 1285. Target unchanged for now (1250 and 1235)
Short term target -> bottom of the flag.

Bullish above $1286.
評論: Maybe another round on $1269
評論: Took some profit on 0.618 retracement at $1274.
$1269 still in the game imo.

評論: Another option to reach 69/70
Short term Bullish shark to bear 5-0 or Inv. AB=CD (levels on chart)
Then, leg down to complete a gartley at 70/69 (+ cypher and inv. AB=CD posted earlier)

評論: 70 hitted.
Gartley completed.
Took some profit. Long hedge $1272. Still in range.

評論: Took some profit on $1296.
Short $1296 - Bearish Gartley - TP on chart
評論: TP 1 reached. Small take profit. Should go much lower. $1235 is still possible for this month / early december.
評論: TP2 reached.
Close long at $1284 / 2 short positions (1296 and 1294)-
Next TP 1250 / 1235 and if gold wants to go lower : $1210

AB=CD + Max TP for bearish Gartley

Maybe a red november for gold.
評論: Range, Range and Range.
As long as, daily gartley is holding (H1 bear bat in yellow)
評論: Bear Garley still active.
Likely shark to retest the low at $1259
評論: Last update for this idea (need to create a new one for better view)
Close all short on $1246.
Started to long - Open 1245.5
評論: Updated idea here ->


Great job as always!
pixi AlphaDreams
@AlphaDreams, hey ;) thx bro !
Hi Pixi, your prediction seems to be correct. Gold is going down. Could you do more daily gartley? Really good job!
pixi AliceNguyen
@AliceNguyen, thx. I'm expecting a retracement from these levels (between 1245/1235)
You are playing the long/shorts with great precision. Great work Pixi.
pixi lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, thx ;), it works for now.
@pixi: Could you please clarify you are long or short?
pixi olegleo
@olegleo, hi! I'm long and short for now in this tiny range. Took some profit on short and long. I'm still not sure about the direction for the next few days / weeks. I have two scenario (this one, gartley at $1235) and the previous one, bullish, with $1350 target (idea closed maybe too earlier). So imho, both scenarios are still on table.
I understand that is not clear, because it is not yet clear for myself. Hope the next trading days we'll see a BO of 1300 or 1260 to play one or the other scenario.

Opened Position : Short 85 / Long 72 - Hedge

Stay tuned ;)
@pixi, Thank you for an explanation! Now it is clear.
I simply love your charts!
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