Why I love to trade Gold so so much Supply and Demand Strategy

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Gold is by far one the instruments that you can trade easier and effectively with just about any good strategy. Mostly supply and demand or Volume analysis Trading and that my opinion. Gold always gives clear insight on price action which makes it easier for every analyst or novice trader. On the Chart I will be explaining the Supply & Demand strategy. First you if you see high volume going long or short that should be you bias that we might in a good trading opportunity. Second it's we reach Phase A that's when price reaches resistance and it's the base of forming a consolidation. Third we confirm this base by Phase B which will retest the highest price of Phase A. Phase C is the most significant phase because that is where investment/institutional trades will take out most of our retail traders stop losses and as retail traders we need to be aware of this. After Phase C which is the highest of both two previous phases we can look to sell within the range to make small profits while we anticipate Phase D. Phase D is meant to target seller stop losses and confuse buyers it's after this Phase we can go short and profit as we go. Keep looking for volume trading it's one the best. I am open to correction lets learn together :)
Remember Guys high volume at the top of the market bearish reaction same applies when going long,low volume at the bottom of the market bullish reaction. try and use the 1 hour time frame and confirm and trade the 15 Minutes time frame.
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