Gold Weekly Cypher Pattern tells us when should we buy gold

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
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Gold Interesting Discovery
Today I look at the weekly chart of gold .
and I suddently realize that Gold may
form this potential Cypher Pattern in a long run

Lots of people asking me:
JACK,what is your view for GOLD , should I buy it now?

I will use this chart to tell them:
Best Buying Level will be 1116.60

The completion time will be some where in
2017 Feb-Apr
Don't guess what kind of even will drive gold to that low
but I will be interested to buy gold at that cheap price.
any one who still remember this?
評論: NOW IS 1140
Hey Jack; What's your view in Gold this now? Still bullish?
Hi Projack^^ I'm interesting in this chart. very cool chart!
wow was just looking through TV and saw this you are on point its kinda scary. I remembered most people saying 1400-1500++ blah blah.. I would really like to know your current view on GOLD now or is Trump to unpredictable..
I'm not sure you go back this far to revisit ideas you've posted but I am still watching this one and think this idea on gold was correct the whole time. I'd love to see your current thoughts on this one and if you think it's still applicable.
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very good.
You have been saying 1120 for weeks now, so lets all join Jack's train ride, yippee
Well nice study as usual and depending on your trade time frame it may work well. As long as there is no new QE from USA long term gold is bearish. For intra-month treading it is fine but I will be selling till trump is in charge. THis go ve lots of other opportunities as well. Sell USDYPY, buy 10 year bonds. These are all long term (6 months) views and does not imply any comment to above analysis.
@tntsunrise Are you buying from 1140 ?
please be careful at 1120 and take a look to this chart
Great forecast! Thank you for your work!

Do you see potential for gold to fall below 1120$/oz?
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