GOLD Is Trading Within A Temporary Correction

OANDA:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Gold turned sharply lower then past week from 1295; clearly in impulsive fashion so it appears that metal is headed into much deeper levels within a correction of a higher degree. On the updated chart we are looking at A)-B)-C) decline in progress down to 1258 area, or possibly even back to 1245 before market may look for a new bounce; most-likely at the end of the month.

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THIS one was really dope! i couldnt identify the big wave5 because of its tricky subwaves.great job!
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@Hos7ein, Thanks! and hopefully more gains can now follow
Spot on for gold.....
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@salsapete, Thanks! hopefully a bounce is now in reach!
hi, reason for 1295 reaction was longterm supply, still not crossed, pa would tell u once happens...
and i really see nothing impulsive going up there like u proposing, all corrective, rather move from 1295 down was impulsive
and i miss one leg down, y, correction from 1377 top
trade safe
@look4edge, Hi! Well, we will see what happen from here on out.
Take care
Thanks brother for sharing . I thinl it looks like a 3 waves move ?

a ZZ
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@hussain9, well it can be. either way we are ow looking for a minimum three wave revesal
y.k. hussain9
Good count. It is more bearish. I prefer your count. Thk
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