International gold analysis

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Markets are bracing for euro zone GDP data and the bank of England's interest rate decision, but those two news mainly affect foreign exchange.Friday's non-farm payrolls data was another blockbuster.Therefore, in the face of the four thousand barrier, gold bears are difficult to break a direct position;First of all, this is the $1,400 / oz gain of $1,453 / oz in the previous period, which is an important position to jump more than $50 directly.The second integer gateway is always long empty key position.And non-farm data, is not optimistic about the short direct break, first see a wave of rebound.
Operationally, gold is supported by $1400- $04 / oz to buy multiple orders and break through to stop losses, first at $1416- $20 / oz, then further bullish counterattack to the $1430 / oz area, and then upwards is not visible.To short, need to keep careful before arriving nonfarm today, do not chase for certain, wait to pull tall, dish face dish clew!For yesterday's strategy in the $1430 / oz area and the above short friends, suggest $1410 / oz lower gradually out, to be pulled up again short or break through $1400 / oz short;At present, before non-agricultural rely on the qiansi pass first wave.