Gold short-term SELL setup

OANDA:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
907 1
- trendline of 3rd (yellow) wave is broken.
- divergence in 3rd and 5th wave(green) tops(12 and 17 jan) inside 3rd wave extention(yellow).
- ABC (3-3-5) expanding flat pattern. wave B is still forming.
- wave (c) (inside B wave of ABC pattern) is a diagonal.
sell it when line conecting 2 and 4 wave's ends of diagonal(green) is broken,
wave C should be a 5 wave impulse or a diagonal.
wave C should correct extended wave 3(yellow) by smth like 38%, and should finished inside wave 4(green) of lesser degree.
after that wave 5(yellow) (up) should be.
Keep an eye on it!
Good luck!
there is an possibility, gold makes one more abc up(5th diagonal wave) before going down.
評論: looks like zig-zag pattern.
flag breakout will be a confirmation.
gold may drop well below 1991
評論: possible scenario
交易進行: 1991 target is reached
next one is 1174
交易進行: looks like gold completed corrective structure.
交易結束:目標達成: I've just looked at my 1st gold idea.
Original price target was wave C = 1.618 * wave A = 1180.7

looks like ABC correction(wave 4) is nicely done.
so, wave 5(up) unfolds.
targets for wave 5 are 1221 (100% of wave 1) and 1246 (161.8% of wave 1)
looks same way, we think wave 5 completed DXY 4H, let sell gold together.....8-)
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