XBC BitcoinPlus - Ready to rock?

POLONIEX:XBCBTC   BitcoinPlus / Bitcoin
3112 40
Longterm triangle closing in again. Last time when XBC went up 3000% in one day, bitcoin had severe uncertainty about a potential hardfork. Now considering that bitcoin is topped weekly and showing bearish signs this might be the perfect time for XBC to break out and retest higher levels. We can break out early, just keep an eye on it.
評論: Possible entries at 0.04050-0.04100
評論: Probably another leg up from 0.04200
交易進行: Ready to break out even more!
評論: Outbreak alert! :)
評論: Went up great, now needs some consolidation. Think we topped earlier.
評論: Facing 0.05300 Resistance, this would be a point to short.
評論: Looks like XBC is trying to go up again.
評論: Whole market is retracing, buy support will soon be gone. I'm out.
評論: Wow even TP2 reached! Real dare devils go for TP3, I was already out on TP1.
評論: XBC going up once more.. Final leg or more to come?
評論: Final TP at 0.13!
評論: Looks like the whale who was playing with it pulled the plug or dumped his bags..
Went parabolic, not sustainable
評論: I would advice to get out.
Might buy the dips on this one.
評論: Should stay in this curved channel, which direction will follow i'm still not sure about.
If the walls get pulled away then its bad..
手動結束交易: 2 Target points reached. Who drove along from the start congrats. I'm out.
評論: XBC bottom was 0.0440 should retrace up a little from here.
交易進行: It did retrace to 0.062! Don't know if this will continue, probably not.
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Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Coin
Been watching this for a couple of days but now I don't have money to buy. Should I sell my stellar at a lost and enter this? :(
TheTrex Tamadon
@Tamadon, No I would not recommend to enter this now.
Tamadon TheTrex
@TheTrex, ok noted. Thanks.
Tamadon TheTrex
@TheTrex, oh would you mind explaining why this won't follow the recent price movement? Do you think an entry will open at lower fib level?
TheTrex Tamadon
@Tamadon, History repeats, thats what you need to know..
Is there any possibility that Bitcoinplus will rise in near future?
Virus2u Virus2u
@Virus2u, Can any one of you help me with the info...
Virus2u Virus2u
@Virus2u, What is happening i lost completely ...
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