the all mighty wall street cheat sheet

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Looks like you missed most of the profits.
Pato99 immxrtvl
@immxrtvl, looks like you never heard of the word "EDUCATION", and looks like you missed most of my charts.
HA! Just found this just now randomly looking for a graphic of the wallstreet bubble cheat sheet pattern image to compare to this Q1 2018 bitcoin crash. At first I thought wow it fits perfectly then I realise that was the thing I was looking for overlayed into Bitcoin last May. Looking at this and what it actually did, and reading some of the comments .... Maanannnnn you couldn't have been more wrong could you? hahaha :DDD Hope you didn't lose too much shorting Bitcoin here!! Does help put the crash today in perspective a little, like why so many people thought it could still have one more wave in it before a correction.
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@edbtv, same here
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DaanJordens ripple10usd
@ripple10usd, me too
@edbtv, Google just displays this as top image results, got the same.
The price went down 40% so if he lost money he did something wrong.

I don't get why anyone would whip out a market cycle chart when we JUST BROKE ATH. But well, that used to be very popular back then, just as calling for 100.000 usd BTC became very popular in late 2017 to 2018. Probably the exact same people changed their minds went from being bearish and wrong to being bullish and wrong.
MrRenev MrRenev
@MrRenev, Wron,g chart because tradingview is so bugged...
btc is being adopted in Japan, then Russia, then maybe more countries to follow. if tech is too shitty, other tech can be used easily as btc will have been adopted. currently i see there might be huge short term demand for btc due to adoption. so even if tech i not too good, the demand is here. i do not see doom scenario yet. but correction will happen.
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