Why is the cryptospace exploding?

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It seems many folks don´t understand why there´s such a massive increase in Altcoin Prices.
Many think it´s a bubble and yeah, maybe it looks a bit bubbly.

The major reason is that many projects are about to get finnished for the real world use.
Mining Coins with ASIC and GPU miners will get obsolete over time as they are switching to PROOF OF STAKE.

Now miners will slowly be replaced by nodes and if you want to run a node, you will need to collect collateral to do so.

For example if you want to run a DASH node, you are required to have a collateral of 1000 Dash (100.000 USD) which will be locked into this masternode and makes it unavailable for selling.
Thus all the supply of our major coins will decrease over time as more nodes are established, and because of the high collateral requirement for a node, buyers are forced to take what is left on exchanges.

Speculators and Traders add the final touch in margin trading where we can see massive squeezes to both sides as many people are new to crypto and most of them don´t even know what a forced liquidation is..... don´t be a fool and go all in on margin. Some day you will get burned for this.

The total cryptomarket cap is not even close to the top. it´s not to late to get a piece if this cake

Happy trading and take care
評論: beware of the polo margin trading. Polo suffers massive ddos attacks and all margin coins get force liquidated because no one can buy.

don´t panic and wait until everything resolves.

At best move your coins to your own private wallets.
I agree but I don't know at wich point POS systems are actually moving the price up because the masternode count isn't so high compared to the overall volume of their correspondent coins.
Also some POS coins let you stake your coins in the wallet, making it easier to just sell them fast.

I think what's happening now with cryptos is that they are becoming popular and easier to buy and there are promises of getting big returns really fast and also agree with the project being finished.

Pato99 sthack
@sthack, it is only one of many reason why they are going up. Larger market adoption and much dumb money is entering also.
Last year we had like 10k polo users on average. Today it´s 30k +
And most of the newcomers lose everything
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sthack Pato99
@Pato99, That's interesting! thanks.
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