BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Not sure if I'm correct at all but this is what Im seeing
I didn't know that's how the btcusd looked on the daily chart.. it's... almost too easy to guess what's going to happen, at least it feels that way. I don't swing trade it, but seems possible
biggn24 granitehandchinkys
@granitehandchinkys, Im not the best at charting at all, hoping to hear if I'm wrong or right lol. Thats for the response
@biggn24, well... btc is kinda a wild goose, there are a lot of fundamentals to it if you dig a bit deep, I would recommend understanding how difficulity work, how much the graphic cards that are mining btc total value is etc. how much btc is being generated etc.
but I'll give you my 5 cents I guess for what it's worth, it's easy for people to manipulate BTC, if you have 200m dollar you can manipulate it pretty hard by for example pushing the price up, artificially creating a upwards trend, and then slowly sell into it. it can realy be done with anything but I think BTC is an easier target. but btc is a wild beast when it comes to the movment, suddenly it moves 1000 points in 10 min and then it will move 50 points per 10 min, so it's actually a bit dangerous to even scalp it.
biggn24 granitehandchinkys
@granitehandchinkys, Ive dug very deep into this beast haha. I mined for a few years and have mining contracts. This past year has been insane and I learned how to trade/margin trade, now more TA. I used to rely on MACD/RSI/Bollingers too much
@biggn24, oh, at least you'd know the fundamentals better than more then. I like RSI and MACD, I jsut use them to make sure I don't chase usually... just use trend and structures, but you gotta back test structures on everything you trade, doesn't really work for stocks, but for forex and crypto it works fine, could do it with all the indexes. you trade over on bitmex then? what does TA stand for?
biggn24 granitehandchinkys
@granitehandchinkys, technical analysis. I just did charts on Mex. I trade on a few exchanges
@biggn24, ok, I trade bitmex bitstamp korbit and coinone. only thing about bitmex is the fee for taking out btc is like... 0.001btc or 10 usd
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