Counterparty is clearly a buy here

POLONIEX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
One of the HUGE HUGE overlooked projects in the midst of the current cryptocurrency boom. I was rather surprised that the price against BTC have been kept that low up till now.

Counterparty relies on the bitcoin network for security, and implemented as a side-chain. It does not actually compete with bitcoin , but in a way it complements each other.
Counterparty provides functionality beyond the reach of Bitcoin . For instance, smart contracts, decentralized apps, crowd funding, domains, digital tokens just like Ethereum did.

Transaction cost
A counterparty transaction is really a transaction on bitcoin's network.

For instance:
and on

At the moment transaction cost on Counterparty is significantly higher than Ethereum given that you are actually writing on the bitcoin network given the congestion.

However, that could be fully solved with the upcoming Lightning network that will be implemented on bitcoin . It is not a question technically.
Such a feature in Counterparty are still currently under development.

Mass adoption
I believe that connecting all blockchains is the final step of mass adoption in cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin is well positioned to be the center of such a protocol of the future.

Remember the days before the invention of TCP/IP protocol where the 'internet' is only limited to a certain area/geography?
The real power is unleashed when a common protocol is used, that enable connection from many local network and intranets that becomes the global network we are used to today.

In the long run, Counterparty is really the next closest competitor to Ethereum .
With the horizon of 1~5 years, I believe Counterparty could easily 10x~50x its current 40 million USD valuation given the fact that its supply is only a measly 2.4 million.

Dont you love that nice bottom at 0.003~0.005 for the past 3 years? :)


Why connecting all the Blockchains is the final step for mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies:
評論: currently trades at a premium of 0.01793. Whopping 170% higher.

XCP in USD today.
Love it. Leave your hooks in for the whales to come and take a bite. Then we harpoon that B***ch!
LastBattle Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, Yeah... been buying more this week too.
Frankly speaking, XCP is a deflationary asset with all coins already issued. And it belongs to what i call 'protocol' and not a single use case coins.

The more things build on top of these platforms, the more valuable it gets.
Piptocurrency LastBattle
@LastBattle, Eloquently stated, sir. What is your view of relationship between FLDC price and XCP price? Thanks.
you still hold?
LastBattle HighwayPatrol
@HighwayPatrol, bought more today.. omni and XCP.
Blood in alts it seems :D but its 50% on sale today!
+3 回覆
HighwayPatrol LastBattle
@LastBattle, wanted to buy more xcp too at these prices, but my bags are full anyways. by the way don't think xcp will moon any soon, but i think longterm it's a underappreciated gem with huge upside potential.
So what do you think about xcp now?
Grab some Omni.... consolidation is almost done.

31m market capper.. lots of room for growth, with only 615k supply

Omnibtc / xcpbtc...
2 similar projects. diversify between Omni and XCP for the long term...
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