POLONIEX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
223 7
This is a nice long term hold here.

Currently at 1/7th of the all time high.

Descending triangle about to be broken

MACD at its lowest point and about to turn positive

WEIS indicator has first green bar

RSI indicating oversold

Only buy once the break out is confirmed. ( candlestick must close above the yellow diagonal line)

Potential to go 150% in the next few days.
700? That means 0.035 sats, in what timeframe you predict this taking in consideration a possible BTC bullrun
DylanAnsems cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, Hi there, 700% is if we are to beat our ATH. We have just broken out of a long term descending triangle ( look on the weekly) and a looking to break a small descending on the 2hr.

We are almost at an all time low.

The upside on XCP is quite large.

Putting a timeframe on this might prove to be useless, but if I had to I would say the next 8 weeks is quite achievable.

XCP has also has a very small circulating supply which allows for a great opportunity for gains.
cryptoniac90 DylanAnsems
@DylanAnsems, just touched 0.0036-37 :S
Totally agree, oversold now, fork on the way (announced on 1 March), hundreds of %%% gains are incoming in few days! XCP is expected to MOON till fork, details about fork will be announced till 4th February from the dev team...
cryptoniac90 CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, it's already clear that there will be burn and no 1:1 airfork
CryptoFan973 cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, Source? No it isnt clear, and if so, XCP has longterm uptrend...
cryptoniac90 CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, Source? Go read the official XCPC forum even dev left...
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