XCP weekly break out

POLONIEX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
832 3 13
xcp             long term downtrend was broken on highest volume of all time. Then tested again on weekly.

It's high risk asset with low volume but high reward possible with a small position.
Support is currently found at 0.003
評論: It's up 100%, sold half of my coins (risk management), keeping the rest for the long run.
評論: any comments / ideas on this? should have used the rsi(low)
評論: good news: Japanese exchange Zaif added XCP trading
評論: daily macd turned green again
評論: break out would be very cool ;-)
評論: nice its flying high, couldnt resist to take another partial profit 0.009
評論: no reason to panic, I am still bullish for longer term but on 4h i think it could go lower before up. The top has a div and the low too.
So if looking to buy in, i think its time to wait and be patient.
交易結束:目標達成: This went up quicker as i thought, gonna stop commenting this trade. good luck everyone.
thank you !!!!
But perhaps it is now late to buy it?
koryu PRO coinspain
welcome :) hard to says now, i dont like to give an advise on it. Best buy was 0.002-0.003, now the risk/reward is not so good anymore. If you have already a long take some profit or let it run with stop loss, imo.
Hello !!! I understand that giving advice here is difficult .... but I really want your opinion, I think I'll let it go because I see too much risk
Thank you
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