DigitalNote - Another run in sight

BITTREX:XDNBTC   DigitalNote / Bitcoin
Good day my friends!

This idea is based on moving averages and MACD .

- 88 minute chart, we just crossed MA50, may be ready for another huge run if we can break 76-77 resistance level .

- Now is a good time to enter:
MACD 88minute about to cross over and turn bullish ,
RSI bullish and room for growth in longer term.

*What we don't have now is volume , so take notice of that.
Entry60-65, or you can wait for breakout confirmation at 77 and buy the breakout.

If we break resistance level , we can aim for our first target at fib levels on chart.

Good luck trading!
評論: I don't have a stop for this trade as I don't mind holding this one longer because of the room for long term growth.
IF you want to have one, 55 seems reasonable and you can look to buy back at a higher price of 77 when the breakout is confirmed.
交易進行: **This update is a prediction for my own entertainment, It is highly uncertain***

What I did was I copy and pasted the uptrends (yellow line) and down trends (yellow arrow), and superimposed them on the fib chart. These levels may serve as trading signals if this trend DOES follow.

Geometry tells stories; money rains when charts are in harmony.

No one is capable of making perfect predictions because we are not prophets.
But when the chart follows our will, it is splendid.

Take notice at 76 resistance level. If we do not break the resistance, we have a sell signal. We can look to rebuy at the lower zone of the channel.
If we drop below the channel (unlikely for now), we exit this trade.

If we break 76 resistance, look for volume as that will dictate how many FOMOs there are (ie, how high it can spike up).

交易進行: Target reached (115)
Buy back at 90-95

It hasn't even been a day since I posted this analysis!

If this information has been beneficial to your life, and you would like to benefit my life, too: Please DO!
From a six pack of beers, gym membership fees, to a fancy dinner and even a month of rent!

A true symbiotic relationship like ants and aphids! Together, we can make this work!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

As we all know, reward is the best stimulus for supreme motivation!
And if you do decide to contribute, please PM me so I can thank you for your generosity:)

And I wish you all another profitable and great day!
交易進行: Bought back at 100
評論: only for a small amount this time, might consolidate for a day or few before the next run up
評論: Bought more at 93, as analyzed previously.

Isn't my prediction yesterday super cool?

We hit 116, dropped back to 93, now we can wait for ~140!

Cmon' friends, I deserve a cookie for this one!
評論: If we drop below 78 and close the day with a red candle (Check GMT time for when candle closes)

If this scenario does occur: there are other opportunities for us that are less risky and more profitable.
Manage your positions properly!
交易進行: ^We closed the daily candle above 78!
For those who are still in:

Aim for second target at 130-140!

Congratulations! Another successful trade!

Thank you guys/girls for joining the trades, participating in the discussion, and giving me feedback. I appreciate all of your follows.

This is another trade that we made a huge % profit within a few days.
If you are feeling generous with your new earnings, feel free to send me a tip! I greatly appreciate it and it motivates me to work even harder!
交易結束:目標達成: We have reached our 140 target!
A 130% WIN!!!

If you have made profit because of this analysis, and you are feeling generous, please DO leave me a tip, it is extremely motivating and I greatly appreciate it!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

Cheers! Onto the next one!

(*You can also choose to keep on trading this coin, it is totally up to you)
評論: I totally did not see this coming :/
welp, a win is a win! Never complain about a win!
交易結束:目標達成: Again, if you are feeling generous with your earnings, please do support me. It lets me know my ideas are helping the community and it is immensely rewarding!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

Merry Christmas folks! I wish you all the best, and I appreciate all of your presence!
When do you think this will start to fall back, or will it fall? I converted some but I kept some last night. I am wondering if I should keep the remaining..
AlexCH nevzus
@nevzus, It is already falling. Overbought in all time zone.
nevzus AlexCH
@AlexCH, Thank you. While I was writing I saw the fall, I will fall and I think will rise again from somewhere..
nevzus AlexCH
@AlexCH, Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.
+1 回覆
AlexCH blakechidester
@blakechidester, hahaha! People who followed all got a piece!
targets ?
AlexCH MudiMan
@MudiMan, The targets will be fib numbers we see on the chart, so around: 92, 118, 143 ...
In at 100k 60 Sat
AlexCH CryptoGodInc
@CryptoGodInc, Did you just enter?
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