Xdn Little Dip, Big bounce!! (300%+ POTENTIAL)!!!

BITTREX:XDNBTC   DigitalNote / Bitcoin
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This looks like its going to fall into that big demand zone and I'm looking to take a quick 50% gain. I am a trader, not a holder. I don't like holding because I don't like exposing myself to risk in the market ( btc surging etc) therefore have an exit strategy and protect your profits once you hit paper profits. Good luck friends.

More to come soon...
評論: Getting close the the demand zone. Keep an eye on it if you're looking to renter the trade.
評論: As you can see it bounced right off the demand zone

There's a short term trade opportunity presenting itself. I would get in n out for a quick 25%. After that I see it descending to it's lower demand zone which should be a better long term trade to make 200-300% ideally. Time will tell and hopefully not too much because we don't like the risk that comes with market exposure.

In this type of market don't rush into the trade. A missed trade is better than a bad trade. Good luck all

***These are for education purposes only. I am not a financial adviser***
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doncazper Marijuana
@Marijuana, do you understand risk reward ratios?
Marijuana doncazper
@doncazper, 300%!!!
Looking good so far. Thanks Don!
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