Elastic Explosive Growth Potential

BITTREX:XELUSD   Elastic / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Elastic has been rejecting the $0.22 support during the past few months and finally, today it broke above the triangle pattern . The breakout was very clean while the price on 4h and 8h charts closed above the downtrend trendline .

What is interesting is that the breakout was accompanied by a heavy volume and was very sharp. This could indicate on the money and interest flowing into the Elastic coin where trading under heavy volume is likely to continue. If this will be the case, investors ave could see an explosive move up on XEL/USD, potentially resulting in 200%, 400% or even larget growth against USD.

First strong resistance could be at 127.2% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave from August, that is $1.15. The second target is 227.2% level at $1.9.

Only a break and daily close below the $0.17 will invalidate bullish outlook. The rewards for such a small risk seems enormous and therefore the buying opportunity is very attractive.
評論: Short-term consolidation before the take off
評論: I think its ready for a take off
評論: Trade active, holding
評論: The rally has started
評論: at the support now
評論: Elastic producing higher highs, lets go!
評論: After this consolidation should continue to move up
評論: Almost reached first target
評論: First target reached
I think you should close this trade. https://github.com/sprocket-fpga/xel_miner
Let's see if we can break through the 0.588 level this time.
Hey buddy, is this still looking good? Thanks for your amazing work
HiTech abail
@abail, yes
So i found your chart searching about XEL, I need to confirm i wasn't the only who saw this. But the interesting thing is that there is not really any bulls after 0.00007073. So 0.00024000 is also possible.
HiTech luisruan310
@luisruan310, this is XELUSD, not XELBTC
Any update on this trade?
Thanks Hi Tech bought 1 btc xel pls be ready with your jar...
HiTech VikasRana
@VikasRana, thanks :) it actually looking very promising, probably most cleantech analysis on this altcoin
+1 回覆
Bit late but I jumped on board too :)
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