300% Increase Next Year w/ 100%+ Increase This Year Potential

XEM/NEM is a very interesting 'cryptoid' that was accumulating for the last few days with multiple tendencies to break the resistance line. Volume has been slowly growing and with it being ranked TOP 8 coin on it would be a reliable investment.

It's a definite BUY and HODL from us.

Please note that you should only invest what you can afford to loose since this market is highly volatile, which may result in wealth or bankruptcy.

ENJOY this ride with us!

10%-20% below your buy in.

In upcoming events for NEM/XEM we have:

Medan NEM Meetup - Indonesia on December 15
評論: Consolidation may indicate a break in an upward trend, close watch
評論: Possible support found at 3770
評論: Possible support found at 2770
評論: Raise Stop loss to 2500
交易進行: Huge BUY Wall on horizon, volume increase
評論: We have a new stop loss zone at 2900
評論: We may see over 5700 this month, enjoy!

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What are we looking at for a buy back zone
CryptoManiac101 cryptobing01
@cryptobing01, We just have Buy Zones for now
Thank for this... I think it's time I remove any sell order and keep on it for the next month.
@irvynator, Careful, it will go down as quick as it went up. MANA will be having event on Dec 15, NXT on Dec 28 and EMC2 has news release on Dec 19 and Bitcoin Cash will be at $4,000 in just a few days.
po1ntovsky CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, why do you think Bitcoin Cash will be at 4k? Because of fork?
@po1ntovsky, Not just that, it has been extremely bullish lately, which will result in price just going ballistic in next dew days
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