What Elliott says for XEM?

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Thats what is possible to happen, its version of future with option that XEM will do WXY correction before ending with spectacular 5 (in 3rd wave of higher tier).
評論: It will be probably very difficult to have longs under 0.0001, so now every long between 0.000115 to 0.00014 should pay, and XEM probably will do impressive wave to 0.0002 or even higher (0.00023?). Keep your XEMs also longterm peaople! Small portions, or greater, but it will pay off in the future (1$ in this summer, and then maybe 3-5$ next year, and 10$+ in 2 years from now). Good Luck for all;)
評論: We may go deeper, if we go to 0.00006-0.00007, i consider, that this Elliot counting was somewhat false (Bitcoin price run influenced it much). Maybe on 0.00014 XEMBTC ended wave 1 of his run to stars, and now is correction of this wave, proce chart in XEMCNY also indicates that possibility, but with Elliot waves prediction is always difficult to choose one scenario, there's so many possibilities of counting.
評論: Yep, this Elliot counting was 100% false. The first wave of highest tier was from 0.00000024 to 0.00014 and now we see deep correction of this first wave. On XEMCNY we see the same, flash crash from 2.33 (BTC38) to 0.8CNY (more than 61.8% Fibo of correction, and can be more even to 75-95% in situation of crash continuation)
評論: But i hope that we can in this year or in the next see price of 2$ for 1XEM, even without bubble in Cryptoland. XEM has best technology, when people will realise that, XEM will go to the stars.
評論: Hmm this counting looked like false, but now as i see those 4H candles, maybe there is hope for strong wave 5, and that will be not the last wave, but will be more volatile, and price should retrace hard after topping (0.0002 level or higher who knows what kind of price action we will see on 4h and other timeframes)
Oh how nic from dumpers, cheap XEMs, more longs if it dumps even to 0.00006:)
:) i say maybe, but i believe that NEM will be number 1 in crypto scene.
I'm a long term NEM supporter and I can wrap my head around 1-2$ but 10$+ ... damn that be just insane ... X_x
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