XEM - NEM update

If XEM             breaks below triangle it could dump to the supporting trendline .
評論: New triangle seems to be forming
NEM, already at $1.5 billion market cap, is still undervalued in my opinion.
Some related news:
評論: Hopefully bounces here.
評論: I meant to post this instead. Chart still very bullish
Well done. Made a buy last night based on your chart, up about 80%. Thank you.
doremoo1 forkknife777
@forkknife777, thanks, it gives me much pleasure to hear this.
Or maybe.......... :
Good time to buy?
@Blood, I would definitely wait for a stronger buy signal.
It just broke below the triangle so there is a strong chance that it will either go sideways for a bit longer or drop until it touches the dotted line (possibly somewhere within the elliptical zone.) The danger is that if it breaks below the dotted line, price will dump hard). I will wait for the price to bounce upwards in a convincing move before I buy some more.
As always, the strongest and safest buy signal is if it breaks it's All time High above 0.000094.
I hope this helps
Blood doremoo1
@doremoo1, I bought all my stack at .12 USD
Should I sell it now and consider it a small loss? How long do you think it'll take to bounce back? Very new to this, trying to learn. Thank you for the chart and the explanation
@Blood, cryptocurrencies can be be extremely volatile at times so I wouldn't worry too about short term movements. My chart just offers one possible outcome, but as you can see the long term movement is still upwards. Personally I am very bullish on XEM as a long term investment.
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