BUY/HOLD Recommendation for New Economy Coin XEM

The New Economy Coin has a long history relative to other altcoins and has recently shown exponential gains in price. It is my recommendation to buy or hold this interesting alt. The coin features are unique such as NEM's multisig solution (details can be found on the coin's website at https://www.nem.io/ ). Encrypted messaging is also an interesting feature. Of course this can be done with a multitude of platforms, XEM has the regular features with some 'Easter Eggs' to boot.

Japan has recently legislated BTC is able to be accepted at retail outlets throughout the country, and it is logical to think other alts will follow.

XEM is also the 4th most popular alt at this time in Japan, arguably a leader in the cryptocurrency space.

XEM has a unusually high circulation with a total supply of 8,999,999,999 XEM non-mineable coins. The total circulation is the same, accounting for the relatively low price to BTC ratio. The penultimate supply of coins will stay at 8,999,999,999.

It is my recommendation to hold or buy XEM for a targeted gain of .00021000 BTC .

This recommendation should not be considered investment advice, and is targeted to experienced and interested parties. You are responsible for your own decisions. Please consult a financial professional before investing. Any investment carries a degree of risk, and while the cryptocurrency market is becoming more widely accepted there are many risks involved.
評論: TheMerkle.com has come out with an interesting article regarding XEM regarding the 'Proof of Importance'.. worth the quick read... https://themerkle.com/what-is-proof-of-i...
評論: Mentioned in Quora
just invest as much as you can on lower price as you can get.
how do you think, when will be xem price 200 000 sat?
Holding NEM XEM for 2 years now.. till 2020 , its technology is far ahead then other coins, soon catapult is coming and this coin is unstoppable after 2020... and may reach 10 usd till then
beddo44 zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, can you tell me haw xem price will be in btc till 2020 year?
Guess it's time to buy and hold
How long will it take to get 0.00021btc, it is 0.000077 in poloniex.
ljs411 DangDao
@DangDao, i'm looking at about 6 to 8 weeks.
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