Following NEM moon or doom

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Look for clear breakout from down channel , then buy, if not, doom for NEM             .
It's very strage wave! Some kind of uncertainty is formed, NEM absolutely did not react to the dump it of bitcoin
sheld0r nagash
@nagash, yes it's actually pretty stable fiat wise... bouncing around $ 20-22 cent
Hello! Can I buy this coin now or wait? The turnaround took place?
RS822N nagash
@nagash, depends on how you see it, I bought when it crossed the main trend line. Now, I would either buy with super tight stops (trying to get a good timing on a downward fluctuation), or see if it bounces from the main trend line and buy there. I obviously don't know what it will do. It is still struggling to exit the main triangle, and hasn't broken the red downtrend yet...(see previous post). So it is up to you, check the risk reward depending on your targets, and decide. Good luck, and follow rule num. 1, don't loose money!
nagash RS822N
@RS822N, thank you
Where do you suggest we might buy ?
RS822N globalfxadvisers
@globalfxadvisers, When both 2h MACD are flat and negative and the trend is clearly broken and if possible with RSI on the lower half. Look 5 min chart to buy at local minimum if possible following upward trend line if/when formed.
RS822N globalfxadvisers
@globalfxadvisers, If confident you can start building a position little by little as soon as you think it is breaking the trend. But put tight stops.
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