EM-BTC analysis (Ref.)TO

Ichimoku Cloud system is focuses on equilibrium, moving averages, and dynamic support and resistance zones. So, for a instance when you look fast for the actual moment for this asset, it appears that it is possible to make a entry; however, there are three things that highlight-me a no-entry: The Lagging Span IS NOT above the price, the price is between Tekan-sen and Kijin-sen, and a short time-frame analysis is necessary for a better entry.

For those that have 'balls of steal', it is possible to leave bids on Kijun-sen in an attempt to get some money and sell it at the instance that the price goes up. (I dot not have that courage. So, I do not recommend this craze strategy, lol.)

It is possible to notice that there is a Pivot (P) that shows a possible support region. So, let's see whether the probability works in our favor.

To interact with this chart, click on it of in RELATED IDEAS below.

Based on 1hr time-frame the entry signal based on Ichimoku Cloud is totally NO! Please, play in favor of the trend, not against it.
why do you use ichimoku with those inputs?
lc_parente antonuber4
@antonuber4, Yes! I decided to copy this setup based on @IAmSatoshi 's setup. Indeed for crypto-currency these indicator (20, 60, 120, 30) are being very reliable and fast for entry and exit based on Ichimoku.
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