Xem Mid Move

2619 29
For Enter Now 0.00007778

Short Target =0.00008263

Mid Target=0.00009051

Long Target=0.00009839

Totally Gain 27 %

Capital management is recommended

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

評論: What that Mean Short Mid Long Target?

It`s for all Trader

HWO Wont Scalping Enter daily

Take short

HWo Enter weakly Take Mid

HWO Enter monthly Take Long

The difference between them

Why i ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

Because I am a Muslim

So please, negative comments are forbidden

Take what benefits you only
評論: let`s go XEM alhmd llah
評論: Get First and Short Target =0.00008263
alhmd llah
交易進行: Short Tarde Again active Buy @0.00007936 TargetS hort Target =0.00008263
評論: still active
評論: Important update

Xem will Take some Time Maybe 30 to 60 Day`s To wake Up again So who wont get out it`s fine Lose 7 % from his Invest @ this Trade

Hwo use Capital management as we say every time and wont Continue at This Trade

Make Stop Limit @ 0.00003234 = 50 % Lose

Move Target to @ 0.00017010 = 135 % Profit

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

評論: xem do well back to our lines again all Thanks to allah
評論: xem after all this move keep calm and strong we have reflection about 25 % from our enter point Xem maybe go down next weeks so we will set buy limit @0.00003634 same targets any one wont cut loss its fine if u hold it awesome move SL to 0.00001250
手動結束交易: trade takes about 40 days close at 0.00008041 i want you to check the update at Jun 22
交易結束:達到停損點: -26%
I Wish it will do it inshaa allah
Alhamdollelah bro, I had no doubt that it will come back, still holding from jun 19. ALLAH IS WITH US
Can you update this one please? great work
@abail, Hello bro check last one Jun 22
Comment: Important update
abail HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thank you. I was wondering if any big change happened in the meantime :)
Thanks hamad... Am new to trading.. How can u help me understand better pls.. And also how to purchase my if possible the right coin purchase.. Thanks
Bro, I thank you for the updates ! I am in for long run .
HamadaMark PAHMAD1339
@PAHMAD1339, u are welcome bro we will share paid chart for free now
@HamadaMark thanks for the posts. Got the short target in less than 24hrs. Share more with us. JAZAKALLAH Khair.
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Great analysis! Thanks! Money doesn't care who you worship!
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