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With all these Gartley patterns it's nice that we have a different setup on Soybeans . A bullish Bat may be in store for Soybeans . We are nearing a 20 day MA cross over. Again like Corn , Soybean Meal , Soybeans may use 20 day MA as support for another run up. We are watching breach of downtrend line for RSI .
評論: Soybeans breached the 20 day MA. S1 target at 1028'6
評論: Soybeans has stayed below the 20 day MA. Next downside target is still S1
評論: Beans maybe building out a bear flag. Needs to break S1 at 1028'6 for any downside move. Right now S1 becomes support.
評論: Beans crossed over the 20 day MA and pivot. Looks like a run to S1 1081'6 rather than a deeper slide. Will know more Monday.
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