Materials Sector Poised to go Lower? Trade for our Watchlists!

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We have a Cypher Pattern in the making right now however I will be entering this trade only if point D of the Cypher Pattern has completed.. If Trading is your primary income, it is very important to always have pending setups however you must stay disciplined and not fall into the trap of trading just because! Patience is key in this career and the more you mature as a trader, you start to realize that the most money is made by sitting on your hands and waiting for setups that you have backtested to come to fruition. Once our setups have met all of our rules and conditions, we then enter the trade with pre existing orders for targets and stop losses.. We know exactly where our targets and stop losses should be and there is no uncertainty of how the trade will end!! if you do not know where your Entry, Target or Stop loss is then you should not be in the trade! With that said this is a very good trade to keep on your radar for the weeks ahead. Thanks everyone and if you have any questions regarding my setups please comment below and I will be sure to answer them! Don't forget to check out my most recent ideas. They will aid in giving you the big picture of what may be to come in the materials sector.. Links Below! Good luck trading and
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