XLM -- BTC -- Stellar

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
i was pretty sure i posted it earlier today but i guess i didnt
still look pretty strong with room to grow target 1 or 2 didnt reach yet
good luck
評論: target 1 - 0.00005090
target 2 - 0.00005955

you can add stop loss for your safety at the red lower line
評論: 1st target reached !!
評論: add more targets and long run
評論: for people that hold long
2 more targets
we can see here that xlm touched twice the red support and jump back up ! if it will hold above it we will see it keep going up ! keep watching !
評論: XLM going little down but i think its also to get some more momentum up !
there is 2 red lines as support we need to watch closely. first one its weak support second little stronger. i will sell and rebuy if it will break lower support

good luck !
評論: just to confirm ! the comment i post before is for short term trades !
XLM in a very nice bullish chart and im pretty sure it will get pretty high in the coming soon future !
評論: we can see the support getting stronger and keep jumping back when its getting close to out first support at 00005340 (4 times in the last 24-32 hours)
also the seller hands get weak and lets hope buyer will push it back up to new high!

thats seems like pretty good since for holders ! lets hope btc wont make and strong moves that will change our plans
keep watch closely.
評論: BTC going up and we going down !
broke both resistance lines there is one more down there, and thats my profit take target, if its touched my last red line.
評論: seems that our strongest support hold this time and now we stays in the channel!
we need to watch what happens now ! the weak hands (sellers will win ?) and price will go down ? or strong holders and buyer will jump the price up ! overall chart show high target and bullish trend ! good luck to us !
評論: thats the time you need to decide if you want to hold or sell with profit !
btc going down and takes the entire market down.
it all can be corrected and go up again or ir can crush. your call !
goos luck

for people that hold longer
2 more targets
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