Stellar entry on Stellar Lumens (XLM)

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar Lumens / Bitcoin
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XLMBTC seems to have just broken out of a mid term downtrend channel that started on January 26th. This, along with the RSI showing some bullish divergence (green lines), has made me eager to enter a position.

I will be entering a small position upon a confirmation of close of above 3000 sats on the daily. We are trading at this range for two weeks now, signaled by the high volume node on the VPVR. The volume on the dumps are not as big as the pump was so I am thinking that breaking resistance should not be very hard.

Take profit targets are:
3500 sats (bottom of the Ichimoku cloud acting as resistance)
4200-4250 sats (top of the Ichimoku cloud and a high volume node; the last consolidation period)

Of course this can all be invalidated by Bitcoin dumping further and alts following.
Let me know what you think.
評論: Yes yes yes! The Sssstelllar ssssnake has taken off...3300 is reached, next stop is 3500. Bitcoin has recovered a decent amount from its low of ~6500 and has instilled confidence in alts yet again.
評論: Well, this is going great. I took profits around 3500 being scared of BTC dump but congrats to people who made this trade so far!
評論: All targets reached!
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