XLM doing the impossible? Short term bull alive

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
It's a bit dirty, no doubt...

but someone is pumping millions into xlm right now. It appears the bull movement may try to run against BTC!

Not taking a position here, i already hold xlm . So i guess not selling.
評論: If this is playing out like we hope...
879 to 1280 is wave 1
wave 2 ended at 900

wave 3 must be 400 satoshis. that will be a nice surprise if you see xlm hit 1300-1500 in the morning!
Well, recent in the news was " Kik Plans to Move Its ICO Tokens to Stellar" so this could have some sort of impact.
I havent been able to watch the market atm. How did you find out that 100s of BTC is being poured into XLM?

All i know is that most alts dumped hard when BTC pumped. Then XLM held on.

I'll have also check the order book now often.

What would your satoshi prediction be?
whoisthelorax Kangabanga
@Kangabanga, i was planning on flipping xlm whenever btc price moved. if btw surged up, sell any xlm. once it cooled off, buy xlm. when alts get rekt by btc, this pattern usually emerges.

except on the first flip, xlm surged from 900 Satoshi to 980ish. i sold. expected a dip as btw started to rise again. except someone through up a 27 BTC buy order way higher than necessary.

and it continued. people kept dumping and someone not only ate it up, they continually placed high BTC bid much higher than the market was asking for.

-i watched the market for hours and saw numerous 5/10/25 BTC buys at one satoshi level.
It would seem with the imminent 50 MA crossing the 200 MA on the daily timeframe, some whale/whales are deciding that 1k satoshi Lumens is a rare breed.

I hope you're right!
whoisthelorax Kangabanga
if you're watching the market in the past two hours, you have seen someone dumping 100s of BTC into xlm right now.

Why not wait until xlm is 800, 750, 700 satoshi during this expected BTC bull?
Because they think they can catapult it now.
whoisthelorax whoisthelorax
Look at the order book tab as well...
buy orders stacked
sell orders light
look at all those bull hammers!
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