$XLM Breakouts Again Heads Towards 2,500 Sats ST 85K Sats LT Tgt

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Stellar Lumens has a tremendous year so far. Before we start check out their End of Year Round Up here:

For people that don't know already $XLM #Stellarlumens Founder and CEO Jed McCaleb was also the founder of #Ripple #XRP and also established the first major trading platform #MTGox that handled 70% of all #Bitcoin transactions Pre-2014 after differences with Ripple management he founded #XLM taking all the good of Ripple and putting it into #Stellar and making it better.

Here's another little unkown fact about #Stellar For one, while Ripple focuses on the major banks to push its agenda, Stellar depends on the masses. This approach puts the users of the currency at the heart of the movement and makes Stellar a much better currency than most of its peers.

Stellar has also given control to its users by only retaining 5% of the total coin supply and releasing the rest to its users. This makes it one of the most decentralized currencies. In comparison, Ripple owns around 60% of the total coin supply.

Stellar has moved along at lightning speed getting listed on several of the biggest exchanges already in a very short time.

They've also established themselves as a huge Crypto influence in the UAE South Korea China Japan Singapore and Berlin.

They've also teamed up with SatoshiPay and the IBM Blockchain

Check out their website for even further updates:

My current short term target is 2,500 Sats my long term target is 85,000 Sats
i think 85k sat is impossible based on supply of this coin, but who knows.
How long do you think it will take to rich 85k sats?
zaumo DnlRad
@DnlRad, Same here.
A guesstimation d be apreciated

1-3 years

Btc price around $10k btc
If stellar goes to 85.000 sats im fucking rich
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