XML : Cup and handle forming look for the break out

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
XML             is forming a cup and handle I would wait for the handle to form.

The MACD is crossing over and the RSI is also high, indicating that the handle is forming.

Setup a buy order at around 0.00004900 and wait for the breakout.

Because of the volume , I would not wait too long to take profit after the breakout.
交易進行: I think we are flattening a lot sooner than expected.

While the decision is yours, I think XLM will be breaking out in the next few hours.

So I want to move my buy order at 5100 or even 5200 if I cannot watch the breakout more carefully.
評論: We are getting very, very close to the break-out point.

I placed a buy order at 5100, but the perfect cup and handle seems to be following the perfect pattern, it should breakout at about 4900, (or even 4800, but I personally would not chance that low).
I really hope the price comes down to 4800-4900 but really do you think that is going to happen?
GoodmanSimon Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, yes I do, in the next few days it should go down to those levels, this is what the technical analysis is pointing to.

Is it possible that it won't happen, yes, of course it is possible, it wouldn't be the first time that a TA does not materialise, (I would be a lot wealthier otherwise).

If you are worried, look at the RSI and as soon as you think it is going back up place a buy order ... currently, it is going down ... at the expected rate.
Remm_Unknown GoodmanSimon
@GoodmanSimon, Thank you, I hope it does materialise I want more at a decent price :) thanks for the TA! You should do a EOS TA! :)
I have my buy on the hourly around 4800. Thanks for the Daily
GoodmanSimon longmoney
@longmoney, I think 4800 might be a bit low, the reason I think that is because the pattern is so perfect.

Anybody who knows anything about trading is watching it form and don't want to miss a quick and easy proffit.

But of course, I hope you are right, we will see in the next few hours.
longmoney PRO GoodmanSimon
@GoodmanSimon, I'd rather miss the trade. That would be my 38 Fib on the hourly. Prefer 50 to 618 but I expect some front running. Thanks. I can always catch the next wave ;-)
GoodmanSimon longmoney
@longmoney, Well, I am in a position where I have BTCs to trade today. So a quick profit is better than no profit :).
longmoney PRO GoodmanSimon
@GoodmanSimon, 1600 alts. Always another trade. Love Lumens but I'll leave in a correction. Don't have the experience to trade them yet...
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longmoney PRO GoodmanSimon
Agree about profit
longmoney PRO GoodmanSimon
@GoodmanSimon, Technically 4850 ;-)
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