XLM / USD -- Continues to break through resistance

BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
306 4
The green line represents long term support. The red lines represent resistance coming off the peak. XLM continues to break through these resistances.

Additionally, if you look at the places of significant price action, you can see a curved bowl developing....
評論: XLM broke the last line that was drawn.... It's likely to retrace to low .50's to test the line as support before moving higher again.
評論: Bear market is coming to a close.... A lot of big things from several high level coins to be coming out in Feb. If you just missed loading lumens in the 40's, it's not too late to get some in the low 50's... XLM is holding it's ground.... Buy and hold....
Every time I buy on a minor bump I get crushed. Is there a point where bulls take control ? It's especially hard when trading against btc or eth.
Bludwood theobserver312
@theobserver312, XLM / USD is a somewhat different trade than XLM / ETH.... You can make some accumulation of XLM using ETH pairing, but I've found they are very short term trades at the moment (a few hours at most). Until last night, ETH was holding it's value much better against altcoins... Tide may be turning though.
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According to you,when is the best time and price to enter the market?
Bludwood AnthonyViriya
@AnthonyViriya, you can buy and hold, even at todays level, or wait to see if a better price presents itself, -- the best buyin level is in the low-mid 0.40s...
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