BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
1250 44
I personally think XLM will continue its upward trend but continue to monitor till it completes triangle. I personaly think it wont go below $.40 do to the fact it did a lot of accumulation at the $.30 range and a bit of the $.40 range. It will reach $.70. This is a good one for a quick flip . Any input guys??
評論: still flirting with the $.52 to $.54 ranges
評論: so I just woke up do to the fact I'm out the country.. so I think it still hold we will see $.60 very soon
評論: $.62 cents it will hover around that area till we hit that $.70
There is no Clear triangle in XLM/USD chart.
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So why "Short" it, as this chart page indicates?
abelgalaz Inspirar
@Inspirar, oh damn thanks for pointing that out I need to edit that sorry about that
Inspirar abelgalaz
@abelgalaz, Someone sure did slam it... Buying time... ;)
abelgalaz Inspirar
@Inspirar, I think anything from $.50 to $.55 range will be great buuuuut if you can find the $.40 range (which I doubt) will be super love
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longmoney Inspirar
@Inspirar, This is why
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Inspirar longmoney
@longmoney, Why what? Why someone slammed it - you mean? Clearly someone taking short term profits. Now it's rocking up again. It's nice to finally see some serious volume again. If memory serves me right, I think tomorrow or one day soon Stellar will be making some announcements. I am really curious if the rumors are true that Wells Fargo will be entering into the picture.
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longmoney Inspirar
@Inspirar, I shorted. Long now
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Inspirar longmoney
@longmoney, Me too now... ;-)
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longmoney Inspirar
@Inspirar, I don't read news :-)
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