THEY ARE WATCHING: The season of privacy is dawning

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Big brother and big data want to know everything you do. Every purchase. Every transaction. They believe the want for anonymity is only for criminals. But anonymity is a human right. People are waking up and starting to take privacy seriously.

There is an increasing push for backdoors into encryption. Governments do not like the new power cryptocurrencies give to plebs. Media continues to push the story of cryptocurrency being primarily for terrorism, illegal sex trade, gambling or evasion - but they fail to mention the other side of it: How it can give opportunity to the majority of people in the developing world who remain bankless still today. How it can open business beyond borders and nationality. How it allows people to be in control of their own money. People are starting to wake up to the idea that just maybe their government and their banks aren't designed to make them wealthy.

We foresee a continued divide between people and government, banks and big media as they continue to try to get a grip hold of the peoples money, and Monero, which no other coin holds a candle to in regards to anonymous transactions and fairness will grow. Expect massive rallies in Monero everytime a new FUD comes from Gov             saying they are looking to crack down on private transactions with Bitcoin             .

Buying now in the dips anywhere down to .0126 might not be a bad idea.
評論: Things shaping up nicely for Monero
評論: News swept the world yesterday that Russia plans to legalise Cryptocurrency usage by 2018, but one caveat: it will all be monitored. It's a sign of things to come as governments scramble to try and get ahead of this avalanche which they can't stop. They will legalise it, since they have no choice. The only option is to somehow ban encryption, which essentially will send the internet spiralling into a unrecoverable dark web which gives them even less prying eyes than they currently hold.

What it reveals is that those who believe in the true libertarian ideals will start to migrate carefully away from completely transparent currencies like Bitcoin and towards Monero. The writing is on the wall.
評論: Big troll announcement from Monero yesterday which brought a lot of new interest to XMR, purely for pumps sake. This might have been a strategy that worked in the past but we don't expect positive growth for XMR from this. Trustless transactions is what we want, however we still are geared to trust each other. Boy who cried wolf comes to mind. A few anarchists may have been won at the cost of greater acceptance. We don't back players who are addicted to self sabotage. Out.
Believe Monero is trolling? With Kovri and hardware wallet integration soon?
Still vALID ?
Things shaping up nicely for Monero

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