XMR/USD is chasing the BULL! Road to 400$

Ok, guys! I can see the real opportunity here and it tells me that the BULL is strong and won't let the candlestick break this perfectly formed corridor to heaven. Is this the road up to 400$? MA (100,50,30,9) intersection confirms strong BULL! RSI tells us nothing at this stage. Concerning the fundamentals. "Always apply both technical and fundamental analysis" - mom told me when I was a kid. And I still remember this rule.

In fact, Monero's hard-fork split will occur at block 1529810 (March the 14th, 2018) when MoneroV miners will start to create blocks on the MoneroV network. The new MoneroV blockchain will contain the history of all Monero transactions up until block 1529810 and all Monero coin (XMR) holders will receive MoneroV coins ( XMV ) in the rate of 1 XMR = 10 XMV after the fork.

Fork is bad or good? Well, in case of Monero the fork is a collective upgrade not a dramatic split. It's all good. Monero has scheduled upgrades every 6 months. They are technically hard forks but the term has non of the loaded meaning it does in the bitcoin world. We should probably just call them scheduled upgrades or protocol upgrades. So just HODL - HODL - HODL!

Well, the moneroV-fork is actually kinda bad. It's possibly privacy-harmful for both chains, more information can be found here:

The moneroV-devs are also disingenuously describing monero's 'infinite supply (0.8% inflation/year starting in 2021) as a problem, it's not, it even serves a purpose to keep miners incentivized... The fact that they're forking a privacy-coin without giving a shit about privacy tells me that moneroV is just a moneygrab. Noone in their right mind should give out their private keys...

TL;DR: moneroV looks like a moneygrab and brings nothing new to the table, just trouble... stay safe!
DmitryQuail TraderT33
@TraderT33, Good comment. I actually expected somebody to react to moneroV-fork so that we could analyse more what this fork will bring and how the market will react! Let's stay safe and see what is going to happen next...

Please, send you comments below. Brainstorming and sharing ideas is always great if we want to beat the market. Appreciate
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