Monero to $200 Short Term FIBONACCI. Long Term Equal to ETH

Formed new range and holding. It keeps breaching the 78.6 line but holding, can go nowhere but up from here, insiders will sell $200, it will reverse, then ascend to $400 in the medium term
評論: The only thing that will cause a major reversal is a hack or some kind of glitch, or pending market correction. Nothing in its way. It solves the privacy issue, just that simple
評論: fib lines upside down by accident :p
reverse fibonacci retractment because in crypto time runs backwads?
Privacy is old news.Oother are at it zec is valued higher considering 21 million coins will be out soon. There is also the issue, as long as it is not a majority (crypto-)currency most user will be suspicious.
The only news right now was being added to a relevant korean exchange, but they were posting different/confusing dates for the exact time to start trading. It may be august 30. Historically hypes for being added to an exchange were already over and/or price in in many times once trading started
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