Short on XMR Monero at 149, target is 136/132

365 9
XMR is making a very nice uprising wedge , this will probably drop on the low side of it.

There is just not much room for it to rise on the short term. Short stop at about 155.
First target around 136

Daily chart you can see the resistence at the top. So perfect chance for it to drop now a bit, only to gain strength and try to take out the ATH later on
評論: I am short now at 154!!
評論: Just after i posted it it went up quickly, volume did increase a bit. Even a better oppertunity to short, i an put my stop higher now at 162

Volume increased, showing strenght now. My short is not looking good now, but if it falls quickly below the red line again it will probably fall quickly
評論: I have put my stop at 166 now
手動結束交易: Went through my stop at 166, I underestimated the strenght of this short term uptrend. The same actually happend with EOS a week ago as you can see in the chart below. At 150 were it broke out became a very good support afterwards. SOmething to keep in mind for the future

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Shorting into a rally is super dangerous, just saying. The trend is your friend :)
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botje11 FlaviusTodorius67
Your absolutely right, that is always risky, but it's just the way i trade sometimes, short trades. Some are loosing trades ofcourse. The same way i sometimes jump out for the best price. I saw a pattern and i reacted on it. I thought it would be a false outbreak with not enough volume, that's were the mistake was actually.
Starting move in the right direction, seems like you did another good call. May I ask you, how do you come about the target of 136?
botje11 BotTrader
Thank you, but we are not there yet, support on 150, that’s where the volume spike was, normally under 150 it should drop faster. But it’s still looking to strong.

136 is where I see a support level, and the beginning of this uprising wedge.
BotTrader botje11
@botje11, OK thx for the clarification.
You shouldn't short before $205 :)
I really wouldn't short XMR while it is breaking upwards out of a perfect cup and handle. Be careful, bro!
The habdle is what I am looking for, :) good luck to you too
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