XRP-A slightly further moderate correction before take-off

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It would be useful for the future uptrend that XRP takes firstly a small beating down to the area between 0.00008370 and 0.00009595 BTC .

Usually the weekend is the best for such washout sale so that weak hands are shaken with a relatively small volume and some divergences.

Talk later.
評論: These are just my thoughts, not recommendations.
I am not looking to open subscriber services or any other type of advising services.
I just need to have some thoughts in a more structured way.
Monday will be the day when the average citizen invested in crypto will face the reality. Expect HIGH volatility , not experienced traders will get tears by being smart penny and stupid dollar. Don't chase the price.
Will see if this will be a double bottom for XRP?
SEC decision on BTC is also hanging above the level of volatility .
Would you mind updating your chart analysis including the crash just happening?
Well it just happened. Hopefully up from here on out!
cyberholz neanderthil
@neanderthil, What's your take now, mid-crash?
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