Falling Wedge pattern on XRP

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Off the back of fundamental analysis indicating that Chinese exchange Yuanbao will list XRP on their exchange tomorrow, XRP is at the end of a falling wedge pattern, and the resistances and supports are squeezing together. 4HR Sars have switched, and we hit the bottom of the 4HR Keltner .

However, with consideration to Bitcoin's bull run right now, a stop-loss around the 7000-8000 range is recommended.

First published Idea, happy to receive any constructive criticism.
評論: Trade cancelled. Going to avoid using TA on the XRPBTC pair from now on.
Constructive criticism: I've read that coin to coin TA is garbage, especially with how erratic BTC is. People don't put much weight in TA done on a BTC pair. And it's not just you, but a ton of people do TA like this.
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yogization Antranik
@Antranik, yeah I have heard that from some peers, I usually would use TA on USDT pairs, but I spotted this and wanted to see how it'll play out. Only have a small position due to BTC's erratic behaviour, with a pretty tight stop-limit too.
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