366 4
1st chart ever.
Trend channel.

Range is based on the top of the breakout to the green support @ 8950.
The size of the trend channel is a rough 7300 satoshi spread.
Red lines are support lines of previous bottoms.
1st one is the trend support, 2nd one is the long term bullish support.

Green line resistance, also very close to the .786 fib line... something to consider.

Pretty sure between yellow-green zone is great entry point for a long position... but I'd like to see the trend channel not broken personally.
why wouldnt you like to see it broken? is your title and imparativ?
Todd604 fineregex
@fineregex, For me personally, I have all my capital in the markets atm, so I can't put more $$ in. I try to always keep 20-30% for dips, but with the recent pullbacks I just went a little crazy on all the discount crypto's.
fineregex Todd604
@Todd604, keep in mind typically the change in bitcoin is quadratic for altcoins yet. when bitcoin goes back to 70% then other may go back to 0.70² 49% the same day in $USD value. if you got a good amount it may be time to cash out in usd and buy back several times cheaper in several weeks / month rather than gambling it away again.
Todd604 fineregex
@fineregex, ya def something to consider, I may think about selling a decent % if the trend support is broken. I'm hoping by that time there will be quite a difference between the trend support and the yellow-green zone.
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