Looks like xrp is healthy day char showing 50% pull back

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xrp was in just a little over a 50% pull back which is healthy , as far as i can tell, its coming out of the .5 FIB % and looking to clean up and climb out
評論: Remember over the last 30 days i believe xrp has been up 800% against btc , overall, longterm trend is climbing up, the business side of whats happening and the economics matches whats happening in the charts, 4,1 or day, its all showing some bumps but long term trend is strong up. there is major support and has been around 1.67 - 2.00 . the company is not doing something different or worse, they are growing and sealing deals. Trend and pattern is up. Im still lloongggg
I don't you used the fib correctly on the daily
@pauras53, show me what your thinking, i want to hear what you have to say
I did some research for older charts but the only thing I came up with were some old snapshots out of 2013 and 2014 somewhere in the depth of the internet...
I inserted the 3 most interesting points manually into the log chart(red crosses) and came up with the chart below. Have a look !

joshuadunn79 christiankat
@christiankat, i believe i get what is going on here,
I'm a fan of Ripple, do you think when it will be up back to 50% ? thx
@GoldenLe, its going to climb soon , Ripple has just announced a partnership with MoneyGram today! check it out here(
GoldenLe joshuadunn79
@joshuadunn79, I saw the news this morning and keep hoping , thank for your update
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